Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Fiducial Mark 2.0

If you read this blog regularly you've probably noticed that the posts have been pretty sparse over the past few months. It's been a busy time, during which I moved back back to my home country of Canada and in doing so, parted ways with ERDAS and joined an exciting new company. I had a fantastic time working at Leica Geosystems / ERDAS for eight years: exploring fascinating technology, traveling across six continents, working with a talented and diverse group of colleagues, and living in locations as diverse as San Diego, Atlanta, and Liege (Belgium). An unforgettable experience!

Now that I'm back on my home turf and we're into a new decade, I've decided to re-launch the blog. While the initial focus of the Fiducial Mark was photogrammetry and mapping with a heavy focus on Leica/ERDAS technology, I plan on shifting gears moving forward. I'd like to use the new site as place to collect thoughts on software product management, geospatial, and social media (and particularly on location-enabled technologies within SM), among other topics of interest.

It's been a blast writing this blog, and I look forward to starting up again. Please feel free to stop by www.fiducialmark.com and say hello!


Tota said...

Good luck! I guess your new blog is going to be as good as this one!

david said...

love to see this discussion! It’s great to see you all working through the issues and also, it’s great to see recommendations for testing. In the end, it’s what your actual users do and prefer that should be your biggest driver in making these decisions.
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