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Service Pack 1 for LPS and ERDAS IMAGINE 9.2 Now Available!

The new service pack for LPS and IMAGINE is now available for download on the ERDAS Support Site. Instead of releasing separate service packs for LPS and ERDAS IMAGINE, we decided to release a single consolidated SP that covers both products, which should make life easier for users.

While the SP mainly consists of fixes, we have some new features in LPS that I wanted to highlight as well. One of the main new features is the Post Editor in the Terrain Editor. This tool (see the screenshot below) is for gridded terrain data, and allows you to quickly jump from post to post, adjusting the Z value as you go. The navigation is also device-mappable, so you can use keyboard shortcuts or buttons on an input device (e.g. a Topomouse).Also of note is that we have extended the "Adaptive ATE" option to work with all supported sensor models, as it previously just worked for frame and ADS40 data. We were able to see some good improvements for several satellite sensors we tested with.

Here is a complete list of the fixes and enhancements:


· Automatic Terrain Extraction (ATE):

o Added note to online help for Adaptive ATE explaining that image datasets vary and you must check your results and make selections (both the method and the ATE parameters) based on your particular datasets. [LPS-1626]

o Adaptive ATE correctly generates DTMs using ADS40 images and does not show the error message "failed to transform points". [LPS-1531]

o Resolved a "Bad allocation" memory error when using ADS40 images to generate a DTM in .img format. [LPS-1540]

o Added note to OLH advising user about using pyramid levels and effective building filtering. [LPS-1582]

o Adaptive ATE now measures points over the complete stereo model area; not just 70 to 80% (center part). [LPS-1482]

o Fixed DTM extraction "out of space" error so that the user can cancel the process. [LPS-1548]

o Fixed an ATE issue associated with the "individual files" output setting. [LPS-1313]

o Added support for all sensors in Adaptive ATE (not just frame cameras and ADS sensors). [LPS-1562]

· Block Triangulation:

o Synchronized units of measure for GCPs and residuals in Refinement Report. [LPS-1267]

· Documentation:

o Added tip to Mosaic OLH explaining how to correctly lay out ADS L2 images. [LPS-231]

o Enhanced content for "Set Constant Z" in Terrain Editor OLH. [LPS-1341]

o Updated OLH hyperlink in Camera File Info. [LPS-1508]

o Improved the content of the View Manager OLH. [LPS-1465]

· Terrain Prep:

o Eliminated write permission errors when opening LTF files. [LPS-1187]

· Frame Editor:

o Eliminated LPS blockfile issues when editing the model parameters in Frame Editor for the WorldView Orbital Pushbroom and SPOT5 models. [LPS-1545]

o "Cancel" option cancels current image in the Frame Editor and not the selected image in the LPS project manager cellarray. [LPS-1577]

· Interior Orientation:

o Changing the camera selection for a block file (after performing IO with the wrong camera) no longer prevents subsequent IO with the same block file and the new camera selection. [LPS-1283]

· LPS General:

o Synchronized units of measure for the Average Flying Height (Frame Camera) and Average Elevation (Orbital Pushbroom) in Block Property Setup with the units in the block file. [LPS-1575]

o New Feature: Stereo Analyst - "Extend Features to Ground", which uses a 3D Polygon Shapefile and extends the segments of each polygon (as faces) to the ground to form solid features (e.g. Buildings). [LPS-1567]

o The Average Elevation, Minimum Elevation and Maximum Elevation units in RPC Model projects are now displayed in the project vertical units in the Frame Editor [LPS-1597]

o Eliminated write permission errors when opening LTF files. (See LPS-1187) [LPS-1492]

o Added QuickBird/WorldView NCDRD format support to online help. [LPS-1610]

o Added support for the Latvian Gravimetric Geoid (LGG98) and Latvian Coordinate System (LKS-92) [LPS-1557]

o Added support for the LHN95 geoid (Switzerland). [LPS-1556]

· MosaicPro:

o Fixed MosaicPro occasional issues when running Image Dodging with default settings on tiled TIFF images. [LPS-1554]

o Improved performance for seam polygon generation with "most nadir", "geometry", and "weighted" options. [LPS-1552]

o Fixed occasional display issue when one or more images have been mosaicked but do not display. [LPS-1578]

o Fixed MosaicPro occasional issues when working with pyramid layers (Image Dodging and Mosaicking). [LPS-1553]

o Resolved an issue associated with clipping Shapefiles that do not contain projection information. [LPS-585]

· Orthoresampling Process:

o Resolved an issue associated with orthophoto generation when using ATE-derived LTF files in LSR coordinate systems. [LPS-1579]

· Import/Export:

o Enhanced Importer for ISAT projects with multiple flight lines. [LPS-1550]

· Sensor Models:

o In special cases where the RPC does not have a change in the Z value, Triangulation failed with an error of "error with computing default ground delta". These special cases now triangulate correctly. [LPS-1510]

o Added support for NITF NCDRD format in orbital pushbroom QuickBird/WorldView model. [LPS-1551]

· Terrain Editor:

o New Feature: Post Editor (Terrain Editor) - allows a user to quickly move through points and adjust the Z value for selected points in grid terrain files. [LPS-484]

o Enhanced jpeg image display quality in Terrain Editor. [LPS-1547]

Leica Stereo Analyst

· Stereo Analyst:

o Extend Features to Ground will convert flat 3D polygons into solid shapes by extruding each polygon to the ground. Ground elevation may be defined by Shape Attributes, Terrain Dataset or a constant height. Output may be directed to a Multipatch Shape File or 3DS file. [SAI-136]


· Classification:

o Added subpixel demo example files which were missing in ERDAS IMAGINE 9.2 [IMG-3326]

· Data Exchange:

o Improved MrSID MG2 and MG3 map projection support by allowing the population of internal WKT strings and writing external PRJ files. [IMG-3148]

o Improved MrSID reading support by implementing reading of MrSID World Files and ESRI Projection Files. [IMG-1107]

o Improved portability of 1-bit TIFF images for use with software products outside of ERDAS IMAGINE. [IMG-1709]

o Corrected error in MrSID file creation that caused problems in Microstation sofware. [IMG-1342]

o A correction for the stagger phenomenon was implemented for AVNIR-2 level 1A/1B1 data. [IMG-3019]

o Expanded ECWs supported projection and map units. [IMG-2540]

o Enhanced Oracle GeoRaster compatibility. [IMG-3229]

· Data Prep:

o Added support for Imagizer Data Prep for Windows Vista. Requires the customer to install the Windows Vista Support Update in conjunction with this fix to take advantage of this feature. [IMG-3029]

o Added non-linear surface creation option to Terrain Prep Tool. [IMG-3286]

o Improved performance of 2D shapefiles with attribute defining elevation in Terrain Prep Tool. [IMG-3313]

· Geospatial Light Table (GLT):

o Improved GLT scale display accuracy, when rotating imagery with rectangular pixels. [IMG-2324]


o Updated the setting of the IREP NITF flag when chipping DTED so they would display correctly. [IMG-2311]

o Enhanced toolkit API: CloseMeasure("nosave") will no longer ask to save the measurements, CloseMeasure() will ask to save measurements. [IMG-2885]

o Add support for Dutch RD projection to ERDAS IMAGINE 9.2. [IMG-2976]

o Improved reliability of Toolkit callback functions [IMG-3284]

o Added support for WorldView RPC in Warptool & AutoSync [IMG-3369]

· Interpreter:

o Introduced a new resolution merge capability, the Subtractive Resolution Merge. [IMG-3295]

· NITF Import/Export:

o Fixes a problem creating JPEG 2000 compressed NITF files that were smaller then 1024x1024 pixels. [IMG-3366]

· Vector:

o Added "Use White Textbox" option to Attribute to Annotation tool. [IMG-3218]

· Viewer:

o Removed the Render outside of View preference in the Viewer Preferences. This feature is no longer needed with today's viewing technology and when on slows down viewing speed. [IMG-3252]

o Corrected the detection of pyramid layers for NITF images with external pyramid layers in support of Dynamic Range Adjustment (DRA). [IMG-2864]

o Fixed IEE functionality. [IMG-3044]


· AutoSync:

o Improved the AutoSync Resample Setting Clip to Reference Image Boundary option to more closely clip to the reference image boundary. [IMA-483]

· Radar Mapping Suite:

o Improved support for complex TerraSAR-X (type SSC) data. [IMA-539]

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