Monday, April 28, 2008

Heading to Portland, Whereyougonnabe?

Later today I'll be traveling to Portland for the annual ASPRS Conference. The theme of the conference, "Bridging the Horizons - New Frontiers in Geospatial Collaboration", got me thinking about the new (beta) Facebook application called Whereyougonnabe? from Peter Batty and co at Spatial Networking. Whereyougonnabe is a service that allows you to enter in the "where and when" of upcoming trips and activities. The application then lets you know which of your friends will be close to you, making it handy for all kinds of reasons. This sheds some light on the company name: spatial instead of social in "Spatial Networking". I had a chance to play around with it a bit recently and was particularly impressed with the Google Earth support. The application allows you to click on a link that generates a KML file that you can use to fire up Google Earth (and other KML-supporting apps) and view your (and your friend's) trip pathes. See the screenshot below for my trip to Portland:

Not only is your path displayed, but it also has a timeline control. It also generates an icon out of your profile picture, which is useful as well.

Back to ASPRS: I will write some updates throughout the week, but if you happen to be going think about stopping by our UGM tomorrow morning, or come by the booth anytime! We'll be giving out some new ERDAS t-shirts and will also be have a draw for an Iphone between 3 and 4pm on Wednesday.

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