Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Innovative Applications in Photogrammetry

If you have been to the ERDAS home page lately you may have seen the "Top 10 Reasons to use..." lists for IMAGINE and LPS. While thinking about the "Top 10 reasons to use LPS", I also researched innovative uses of LPS and photogrammetry in general. I have listed some of the most interesting applications that I have come across below. Note that the list below is LPS-centric, although many of these applications used a mix of tools. I believe the list illustrates how useful and flexible photogrammetry is as a tool for any 3D geoinformation research.

So here is an alternate list outlining 10 innovative photogrammetric applications (in no particular order):

  • Studying Medieval Architecture. LPS was used to generate and analyze 3D models from stereo imagery to examine the metrology and proportional systems used in the design of Irish ecclesiastical architecture.
  • Mapping Landslide Debris. LPS was used to rectify ortho-images and extract terrain in a study based on a 1999 earthquake in China.

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