Friday, March 28, 2008

Leica Photogrammetry Suite 9.2 Shipping!

Just a quick note to say that LPS 9.2 is now officially shipping. While it has been available online for over a month now, the DVDs are now shipping. I'll post an update soon on the main benefits of the new release.


Ramprasad said...

Good!!! What are the overall capabilities? Key USP???

Ryan said...

Hi Ramprasad,

Good question! I will follow up with a more comprehensive post on the capabilities and benefits on Monday, but the main themes in LPS 9.2 are terrain processing (Automatic Terrain Extraction and the Terrain Editor) and the mosaicking workflow (Leica MosaicPro). That said, there are many improvements throughout the suite, including the associated releases of PRO600 and ORIMA.

Stay tuned for details!